Sand key Beach for Mommy and me photoshoot| Tiffany and Aislyn

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Sand key Beach for Mommy and me photoshoot.

When Tiphanie contacted me to schedule a Mommy and Me session with her 10-year-old daughter, Aislyn, I asked her what I ask all of my clients: What are you most hoping to capture during our time together? She answered simply, “love”. Well, I think we accomplished that!

Tiphanie and Aislyn traveled to Florida from Tennessee. They were staying in Tampa, and drove over the bridge (three bridges, actually) to meet me at one of my favorite locations, Sand Key Beach, in Clearwater, Florida.

Sand Key Beach is a beautiful park that located on a small barrier island that separates the Gulf of Mexico from mainland Florida. It’s paradise, and the perfect place for some special mom and daughter time.

Tiphanie described her daughter as an “old soul”. As I got to know Aislyn, I did notice that she seems to have a maturity about her beyond her 10 years. And she’s such a lovely girl, just like her mother! Aislyn was kind of shy at first, but after we bonded over her camera, she started enjoying herself.

Sharing time with this gorgeous mom/daughter duo, and now looking at their photos, makes me miss my mother. I remember how I felt when having photos done with my mom when I was young. I still look back at the prints now and then, and miss her. Time goes by too quickly, and it’s so important to capture our time together.

I can picture Tiphanie and Aislyn many years from now, looking back at these photos and remembering this special mother/daughter time in paradise!

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