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How to Prepare for Your Beach Family Photo Shoot | Portrait Tips

Are you interested in scheduling a beach family photo shoot during your upcoming trip to Florida? You won’t be disappointed! Beach photos are a lovely way to document your family with a stunning backdrop of the ocean and beautiful skies.

Today I wanted to share some of my top tips. I share with families before we book their beach family photo shoot. Take look at the list below and then get in touch to schedule your session!

1 | Schedule the session for the middle of the trip

I have the incredible opportunity to shoot photos of a lot of out-of-town visitors that don’t live in Florida. Usually, their trip to Clearwater Beach Florida is several days long because they’re from further away, and don’t usually get to spend much time in the area.

Typically, I like to schedule beach family sessions towards the beginning or middle of the trip. In case we need to reschedule. We don’t want to plan your shoot for the last day of the trip and then be deterred by the unpredictable Florida weather. If we plan a day earlier in the trip, then we’ll have a few options for back-up days, which is ideal, in case it rains, which isn’t ideal.

2 | Preparing for your beach family photo

The time right before your photoshoot is not the time to be concerned with looking tan. Your natural skin tone is beautiful and will photograph best!

Don’t get a spray tan right before, because your skin will start to look more orange than tan, even if applied subtly or by a professional. It just doesn’t photograph well.

On that same note, make sure you’re wearing sunscreen, and err on the more cautious side!

The last thing you want is to get a sunburn before yours shoot. It’s harder to edit lobsters than normal humans!

Just remember the sunscreen and you can avoid the pain and discomfort, and added cost of editing, of burned skin.

3 | Choosing your wardrobe for your beach family photo

I’m a big fan of neutrals. You don’t need to overcomplicate selecting coordinating outfits by finding bold patterns and colors that interconnect — simply stick with neutrals and soft colors like muted blues, greens, soft pinks, and creams. They all photograph beautifully, especially with the ocean and sky as the background. A wardrobe color palette made up of these types of colors will blend effortlessly with the natural elements surrounding your family during our photo session, rather than competing with them.

A few no-nos: Avoid logos, solid black, or solid dark colors of any type. These colors don’t show dimension when photographed, which makes you look a little dull, like a cardboard cutout. Additionally, solid reds, greens, and other bold “box of crayon” colors tend to make you look like you’re in an advertisement.

4 | Take it easy

On the day of your beach session, especially if you’re in Florida on vacation, don’t fill your day with too much adventure. Let it be a sort of “rest” day, with some good food to fill you up before you head to your session, and plenty of easy-going activity. The last thing you want is to feel sore or in pain during your session from accidentally over-doing it earlier in the day.

Also, plan your schedule so that you’re not rushing to get home and get changed for the session.

Give yourself loads of time! Consider planning a pampering day, like pedicures or massages, and then having a big late lunch/early dinner somewhere tasty. Then head home to change, do your hair and make-up, and come to your session in a comfortable, relaxed mindset. And don’t skip dessert on the way home from the session!

Thank you so much for reading my blog post. Hope it helps your planning family beach photoshoot better!

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