March 16, 2023


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How to Prepare for your Branding Shoot

Today we are talking about branding photoshoots. The purpose of a branding photo shoot is to take professional portraits that showcase you, your business, and your unique personality. Branding photos are basically headshots with an emphasis on what makes you and your business special. It is so helpful for customers to see the person behind the business and get to know you on a deeper level, and one of the best ways to do this is with a well-thought-out branding session with your preferred photographer. 

Now let’s talk about how to prepare for an upcoming branding session. Basically, it comes down to things that you should bring and things that you should leave at home. 

What To Bring

Stick to your colors: Think about your brand’s colors and patterns. In order to use these new portraits seamlessly with your existing social media and website, it is important that the colors match or complement each other. Make sure that your outfit fits your brand’s color palette. Try to use accessories and props that will look good with the style of any existing content that you have been putting out there. 

Props: Props are a great thing to bring to a branding shoot as long as they are relevant to your industry. Any props being used should only make it clearer what you are advertising. It is even better if your props fit your brand scheme!

Furniture: This one is completely dependent on the location and style of your shoot. If you are outdoors and it fits your personality, you could bring a chair or a blanket to use in your photos. Any kind of furniture could take your branding photos to the next level and express yourself. 

Positive attitude: This may sound like a cliche, but a positive attitude really does make a world of difference! If you come into your branding photoshoot feeling inspired and excited to represent your brand, it will really show in the portraits. 

What to Leave Behind

A shot list: I am more than happy to see inspirational photos that you love, but please be sure to share those with me before the session. The shot list is the photographer’s responsibility, and it is the reason you hired a professional in the first place!

Insecurities: Putting your whole self out there to represent your brand is such a brave thing to do. When you come to your branding photoshoot, be sure to leave your insecurities behind and have a good time!

Clutter: Yes, I said that you should bring props and accessories that represent you and your business. However, do not bring so many “things” with you that they become distracting in the photographs. Things like excessive props or distracting jewelry can quickly clutter branding photos. 

Family or friends: Like I said before, there is a reason that you hired a professional photographer. They will be able to support you and help you through the branding photo shoot. Bringing extra people along can just make the shoot slower and more difficult for the photographer. You could bring one other person to do the hair checks, but most photographers are more than happy to do that for you!


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