November 30, 2022


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Locations for Branding Photoshoots in Tampa, Florida

Brand photography allows businesses to obtain a collection of professional images that represent their business and brand. These can be photos of the employees, the product being sold, the company’s creative process, etc. Each branding session is unique, just like each business is unique. I want to capture whatever will fit each business’s needs and identity best! I absolutely love branding photography sessions because I love to work with fellow business owners and help them to promote their products and services. 

Here in Tampa, Florida, I have found some of the best locations for branding photoshoots, and today I’m sharing them with you. Of course, the location that you choose should fit the needs and brand that you are representing in your photos, but these locations are a good place to start looking.

Hyde House Public Studio and Station House 

Hyde House Public Studio is the perfect combination of social club and workspace. Located in the beautiful Hyde Park Village, Hyde House Public Studio is a coworking space with a stylish twist. It offers a mix of coworking spaces, private offices, and event spaces. You can rent it hourly or sign up for a monthly or yearly membership. A membership with Hyde House Public Studio includes:

  • Phone Booths, Conference and Meeting Rooms
  • 120-Person Auditorium and Multiple Event Spaces
  • Photo Studio and Cyclorama Wall
  • Member Bar and Test Kitchen
  • Preferred Covered Parking
  • Outdoor Covered Veranda
  • Fitness Room

If you are taking branding photos for any kind of office professional, a room here would be a good fit. You can take headshots as well as day-in-the-life portraits of employees working in an office space. A membership here would be a great option if you are also looking for a space to run your business from time to time.

Sprigs Studio, Tampa

Sprigs Studio is a newly renovated creative studio located in Ybor, Tampa. It is made up of 700 square feet of rentable shooting and meeting space. I have used Sprigs Studio many times and have always had a good experience! It is so easy to book and conveniently close to the new Hoya Hotel. The natural light in the studio is amazing, and the space is very versatile. This could work for so many different kinds of branding shoots.

French Modern House, Tampa

The French Modern House in Tampa is a custom-built family home filled with natural light and designer finishes. It is a gorgeous home with a large private yard. The windows in the living room provide the most amazing natural light, and you are able to use their light-filtering privacy curtains if your timing is not right for full light. This French Country Tudor-inspired home is a great choice for brands that involve everyday life in any way. I have shot here for a home organizing company so that we could take some shots of the employees in action. This location would work perfectly for product photos if the product is used in the home. It is a beautiful option for a wide variety of branding photo shoots!


Another option for branding shoots that is often overlooked is Airbnb. The possibilities are endless on this property rental site! If you are looking for a unique location for specific brand personalities, renting an Airbnb is the way to go. You could even send several different links to your client so that they can choose the option that speaks to them. It is also nice to know that when you rent an Airbnb, you will have the area to yourself. If none of the previous locations feel right for your brand shoot, scroll through the rental options that Tampa has to offer!


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