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Sarasota Engagement session at Celery Field | Kaitlin and Michael | Tampa Wedding Photographer

There’s nothing I love more than traveling for Engagement session This was my first engagement session in Celery field at Sarasota – and it was spent with an amazingly sweet couple! 

On a day that was very rainy in sarasota, but we decided to take a chance and hope for the best! I’m so glad we did because the weather turned out perfect as we walked around Celery field at Sarasota. Kaitlin and Micheal were so stinking adorable while getting their engagement session taken, these are truly some of my favorites from this Sarasota Engagement session at Celery Field that I’ve ever taken!

Kaitlin and Micheal, thank you for doing a ridiculous amount of walking, nuzzling, and following my many instructions! 

How did they meet? (Micheal shares)

“Where to start, oh yes. We first met outside the YMCA. After Kait had finished swim practice. There she was talking to a friend of mine and I just thought to myself WOAH, what a cutie. I promptly inserted myself into the conversation. From there it was over. A simple flick of the ear and she and I became best friends. Obviously, there was some talking and such. Michael quickly fell head over heels for this girl and I took a chance and asked her out.

I was friend zoned so fast I didn’t even realize where I was! I asked her out 12 times before she finally said yes on lucky number 13! From the time she said yes I knew that I was going to spend the rest of my life with this girl. No doubt in my mind she was the love of my life. Fast forward 10 years later and here we are. After the ups and downs that come along with life we have remained stronger than ever. We are both so excited for what’s to come in 2021 and we look forward to sharing it all with you!

Micheal shared about story of how he planed to propose her “I proposed to my fiancé after surprising  her with a long fun day at Disney world (Kaitlin favorite place to go) we spent all day having a great time. I then surprised her with a nice dinner. She was incredibly excited because she had never eaten there. Little did she know, we weren’t eating there.

Then we walked all around trying to find the location to eat, I made it seem as if we didn’t have reservations, she was a little concerned. Micheal took Kaitlin to the boat docks, where there was a beautiful yacht waiting for us. We boarded the ship after introducing ourselves to the captain and crew. We had a beautiful dinner inside this beautiful yacht and she smiled ear to ear all night.

When desert time came around I had our waiter hide the ring next to the delicious cake. When he placed the desert plate in the table it read “will you marry me” and there was her ring shining brilliantly. My beautiful fiancé promptly started to cry, she had not said yes or no. I weakly asked “so is that a yes”? She said “of course it’s a yes, a thousand times yes!!”

I had been telling her prior to all this that the proposal wasn’t going to be happening until sometime next year. I am pretty positive that I surprised her entirely:).

After returning home from our trip to Orlando, I had all our friends and family gathered together for a surprise engagement party. She walked through the door with all the lights turned down. After being greeted by her mother the lights flipped on and my fiancé was greeted with a large CONGRATULATIONS!

Over all, Micheal felt please with how the proposal went. We had friends and family from all over the country make it for this special moment.

They said “We love to do anything with our dogs, including heading to the dog beach, going for runs, exploring, and just letting them burn off their energy. We have a large support team and spend a lot of time with our friends and family. We are lovers of the outdoors and up for anything. Hiking, camping, swimming, boating, you name it and we’re up for it!”

They also gave advice for future couples planning their wedding – Communication is key. Try to focus on what you as a couple want to come from the wedding rather than allowing family to take over.

Their love for each-other shines straight through their engagement photos and we are definitely looking forward to photographing their wedding in March!

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