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Senior portrait sunset on the beach for Lilly.

Senior portrait on Florida beach

Each year, I have a handful of clients who travel to Clearwater beach, FL for their beach portraits session. Definitely love it! I love to serve my clients an unforgettable experience while they are on vacation down here! Lilly will be turning sixteen and she would like to have senior portraits sunset on the beach while they were here, they decided to book a senior portraits sunset session on the beach with me! Yay!

When I first met Lilly, I felt like I’m so lucky! I always have adorable and sweet clients! Make me can’t wait to photograph them. She is one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met! We planned out a session for sand key beach near their vacation hotel which is Sheraton Sand key Beach, FL. In addition, Sand key beach is one of my favorite beaches for shooting a portrait sunset on the beach. Why? Because it is a large beach and so many beautiful spaces. Besides, there are a lot of private areas to photograph my clients.

I also reassure clients that I’m never, ever going to leave you hanging during a session or force you into awkward, uncomfortable poses. Lilly told me that she had never had a photoshoot before. However, It’s so important to earn a client’s trust and teach them to pose that relate to her personality, and I’m so grateful I was able to capture a senior portrait on the beach for her.

Throughout the session, I honestly couldn’t stop smiling and YES! (in my mind), and by the end, I knew we’d captured something truly MAGICAL! She even journeyed outside her comfort zone to do a model pose! And man, was it worth it!

Getting to know Lilly, both in front of the camera and after it had been put away, was such a wonderful experience. I can’t wait for you to see the photos we created together!

Senior with her family photo.
Senior is sitting on the rock in Clearwater beach location.
senior photos at sunset time
Senior girl is walking on the beach at Sand key beach.
Senior model poses ideas.
Senior Portrait lay down on the beach poses.
Senior is walking and holding the dress while walking on the beach.
A girl is holding her flowers.
A girl is laying down on the sand.
A girl is twirling her dress on the beach.

If you’re interested in taking senior portrait of your own, but are a bit nervous or reserved, I’d love to chat with you! We can create a senior portrait session that suits your needs while still taking incredible photos like Lilly! Just send a quick inquiry my way HERE, and I’ll be in touch ASAP!

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