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Tips for a Relaxed Wedding Day Timeline | Wedding Tips

Tips for a Relaxed Wedding Day Timeline for you today. To help you plan Perfect Wedding Day.

After planning your wedding down to the very last details and waiting anxiously for the day to come, the last thing you need is to have a rushed and stressful wedding day. The day of your wedding should be a time for you to slow down and enjoy every moment that you have spent so long preparing for.

Everyone’s tastes and priorities are different, so every single wedding day timeline is different. Not all of these wedding day tips will apply to everyone’s schedules, but you can take a look and adapt them to what works for you. It is your day! Give yourself a chance to relax and enjoy it. 

Tip 1 – Add Cushion Time

If there is one thing that I can promise you about your wedding day, it is that not everything will go as planned. The good news is, that is OKAY! It is completely normal for things to go wrong or for surprises to come up.

This is where the cushion time comes in. Sometimes the most simple things can take an extra 20 minutes. If you have your items scheduled back to back with absolutely no wiggle room, and expected delay like this would throw off the entire morning!

However, if you add a little cushion time in between the activities on your timeline. So you won’t need to worries if anything got delays. You’ll have a little bonus time to relax in the day. 

Tip 2 – Plan for Travel Time

If your ceremony and reception are in different locations. You can’t have them on your schedule back to back! Make sure to communicate clearly with your transportation service about pick-up and drop-off times.

This applies to going to and from your getting ready location, venue, and reception. And remember to think about traffic! I would recommend you to add extra hours of your wedding day.

Tip 3 – Do Hair & Makeup First

I love getting behind the scenes photos of the wedding party getting ready for the big day. Because it shows the atmosphere of the day. That said,  I’m encouraging you to have your hair and makeup done before the photographer arrives.

Because we can get the cute hangout shots and classic bride in her robe shots. Then the bride can have a quick touch up before getting into her dress and continuing on with the timeline.

Well, Who wants to get wedding day pictures without their makeup on?

Tip 4 – Use Cocktail Hour for Photos 

For couples that choose not to do the first look, there are two things that I do to adjust. First, I take as many photos as possible before the ceremony, and second, I recommend a 90-minute cocktail hour.

Cocktail hour is the perfect opportunity to get some portraits done while the guests are happy and taken care of. A 90-minute cocktail hour gives me 15 minutes for immediate family photos, 15 minutes for bridal party photos, 30 minutes for husband and wife sunset photos, and leaves 30 minutes for the newlyweds to greet their guests at cocktail hour.

This is a game-changer for my couples who don’t do a first look. This cocktail hour schedule is one of my favorite hacks so that my couples have the time to enjoy their wedding without feeling like they ran around non-stop. 

Tip 5 – Write your Vows Early

Custom vows are so beautiful and memorable. They personalize the ceremony and give the guests a chance to see the bride and groom’s love for each other. As wonderful as vows can be. They can also be a huge stressor if left to the last minute. If you are thinking your vows will come to you the morning of the wedding. THINK AGAIN. My final tip for a relaxed wedding day is to have your vows written down and ready to go before the wedding day. 

Wedding day timeline

Something that I do with each client is talking with them about their special day and create a custom timeline. I will make sure that we make your day unique to you and create a timeline that lets you enjoy your wedding day! If you are planning an upcoming wedding day of your own, let’s chat here to get your wedding day on my calendar!


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