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Tips to Prepare for Your Proposal Session

Proposal sessions are so much fun. I get so nervous that I am on the verge of a heart attack every time! I am always so excited for these new couples; it never gets old. Now, a note for the guys (or whoever is doing the proposing)… Proposal sessions are worth the money! The moment that you propose is the biggest moment in your relationship thus far. It is something that the two of you will enjoy looking back on for years to come. And not only will we take photos when you pop the question, but we can take portraits afterward for a sort of mini-engagement session. I could go on and on, but that is for another blog post. Today we are talking to those who are ready to plan their session! Here are my best tips for preparing for your proposal session. 

Plan Ahead

I know it can be hard to plan a proposal in detail, especially when you want it to be a surprise. However, planning in advance and contacting your photographer early on will take so much of the stress out of it. Instead of leaving things until the last minute, you will be able to work out the minor details ahead of time.

Choose a Special Location

When choosing a location for your proposal, try to think of somewhere that is meaningful to the two of you as a couple. Is there somewhere that represents a special anniversary for the two of you? It could be a good cover story for your surprise proposal if you can plan an “anniversary date” at your special location. 

Keep it a Secret

The more people you tell, the harder it will be to keep your proposal a secret. In my experience, you should only tell the people that you want to be involved in your proposal. This can be close family or friends that are helping the photographer or you with your cover story. 

Hire a Professional

This is a big one. Be sure to hire a professional photographer! Sure, the quality of the photos will be better, but it is more than that. They will assist you in planning the surprise, selecting the best location in terms of light and background, and so on. The reasons go on and on, but trust me. A professional photographer will be your best friend as you plan your proposal session! 

Disguise it as a Photoshoot

One of my favorite ways to disguise a proposal is to pretend you are just there for a regular photo session. That way, the soon-to-be fiancé will know to get dressed up without suspecting that something else is coming. It’s also convenient for the photographer to meet with the couple ahead of time and place you in the best location without having to hide until you’re down on one knee.

Plan a Picnic Session

This tip takes the last one step further. Picnic sessions are so cute. They give you something to focus on while the photographer is snapping candid photos. You bring your own picnic dinner, so if you wanted to hide a special ring, there are lots of possible hiding places in a picnic basket. 

Don’t be Nervous

Lastly, try to enjoy this time. I know how nerve-wracking a proposal can be. It is such an important day, and the stakes are so high! However, when it comes down to it, this is going to be one of the best days of your life. Try to calm your nerves and remember that things will go exactly as they are meant to.

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