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Beach Family photos outfits ideas | Portrait Tips

Beach Family photos outfits are one of the most questions I got asked. Is it just me or does the most stressful part of beach family photos always seem to be figuring out what to wear?! Well, it really doesn’t have to be! I take a LOT of beach family photos and have become an expert (in my humble opinion) on what families should or shouldn’t wear to a beach photoshoot.

This outfit guide should inspire you and help you know exactly what you should wear for Beach Family photos outfits.

Where to Start

I recommend starting with one person’s outfit, usually the mom, and work around that. Once you have one perfect outfit set, you can pull from those colors and patterns to coordinate everyone else. Lay the clothes around each other on the floor so you have an idea of how the outfits will look when you are all snuggled together during your shoot.

Wear For sunset Beach Family Photoshoot

Dressing Women

I love when women wear soft, natural fabrics that can flow easily in the ocean breeze because this type of fabric always photographs so beautifully. I always love a long dress or a flowing blouse that will delicately move during the shoot. This always adds texture and life to your photographs, all while making mom look like a dreamy beach goddess!

Wear For extend Beach Family Photoshoot

Dressing Men

Button-down shirts with rolled-up pants or shorts are always my favorite go-to for men. It has an effortless and casual look while still looking very put together. Don’t worry about shoes for him (or anyone in the family for that matter) because bare feet during a beach photoshoot always look more natural and shoes generally look odd and out of place.

Wear For Clearwater Beach Family Photoshoot

Dressing Kids

Always go for comfort with your kids. They are going to want to play and explore, so make sure they have an outfit that lets them do just that. You don’t want awkward outfits that will bunch up as they pick up a seashell or will look too formal and out of place at the beach. Casual summer dresses are always perfect for little girls and shorts with a collared shirt are always perfect for your little guys. I do recommend bringing a change of clothes along with towels for little ones. Kids seem to always get a bit wet and sandy during these shoots, which is all part of the fun!

Wear For Beach Family Tampa Photographer

Perfect Colors

It is always safe to go with solid colors because they photograph well. With bold patterns, you always run the risk of your clothing being distracting, so I recommend soft, muted colors that will complement the beautiful colors of the ocean and sunset. Neutrals such as cream, white, light blues and greens, and soft pinks all photograph beautifully on a beach as they blend effortlessly with the natural elements.

Wear For St.Pete Beach Family Photoshoot

The most important tip to remember for everyone is to just keep it simple, light, and relaxed. You are at the beach so you want to look natural and comfortable. No one shows up to the beach in a suit (a business suit, that is) so you shouldn’t for your beach family photoshoot. By keeping your outfits easy, breezy, and natural for a beach setting, you are sure to look perfect for your beach photo shoot.

Thank you so much for reading my blog post. Hope it helps your planning Beach Family photos outfits before your family photoshoot.

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