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4 Tips to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue | Wedding Tips

Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

There are so many parts of a wedding that are essential to making it the best day of your life. You’ve gotta have the perfect dress, the dreamiest wedding colors, an amazing bouquet, and a handsome groom, of course. But what I consider to be the most important part of your wedding day is picking the perfect venue for you. 

A wedding venue is what really sets the tone for a wedding. First, because helps harmoniously tie in everything that you planned for the wedding from the flowers to the cake to the colors. But more importantly, it helps establish the vibe you are wanting for your wedding. Are you going for elegant and formal? Rustic and rowdy? Wild and whimsical? Well, whatever vibe you are going for, picking the perfect venue for your wedding will be essential in helping you accomplish that. 

Here are 4 tips to help you find the perfect wedding venue for you:

Venue – Bakers Ranch

1| Remember Your Budget

While we would all love to get married in a castle in Scotland, that’s just not financially feasible for most of us. So while you are searching for your dream venue, keep your budget in mind. You should break down your overall budget by category, prioritizing more funds for vendors that are a higher priority. If you select your venue first, and then realize it’s more than you should have allocated, it’s an uphill battle to stay within your budget when you still have a dozen other people to hire.

Venue – Powel Crosley Estate

2| Think About What Is Included 

Each venue has its own special things that are included in the rental price. I have seen weddings where everything is included down to the food, cake, table, tableware, and decor. Then there are those venues that come with the empty room and that’s it. Consider what you are getting when picking a venue and make sure it seems a fair price for what you are paying for. 

Venue – Rusty Pelican

3| Consider Your Guests’ Experience

It is important to consider how many people will be at your wedding and how those guests will be accommodated. Is there ample parking? Good restrooms? Shuttle services? Valet parking? Space to mingle and dance? These are things you need to consider when booking your venue.

Venue – The West Events

4| Stay True to Yourselves 

This is the most important thing to remember when choose the perfect wedding venue and something you shouldn’t compromise on. Consider what feels authentic to you as a couple that represents who you are and what your love story is. Also keep in mind while using inspiration from Pinterest or Instagram, while a venue might have looked gorgeous with a different theme or design scheme, it may not be the perfect canvas for yours.

Venue – The Vinoy® Renaissance St. Petersburg Resort & Golf Club

As you are planning your wedding venue, pick the location that is going to show the world who you are as a couple and what you are going to be. That means if you are the couple that is going to go backpacking in the Tetons together, your perfect venue for you may be a small, quiet, forest wedding.

Whoever you are, be true to yourself as a couple and find the venue that feels perfect for you. 

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