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Engagement Photos how to get your Fiancé Onboard

Your engagement photos is the perfect opportunity to let your personality shine and commemorate this special moment in your life.

I just know how important it is to get comfortable in front of my camera before your big day, and it allows me to see which lighting, angles, and poses work best for you and your fiancée BEFORE your wedding day. I view it as a fun warm-up for the big day. Plus, it gives your man a chance to get comfortable with how I work.

Is there anything that your fiancé who loves you with his whole heart and soul won’t do for you? Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if you said taking engagement photos is something you might have to drag him to kicking and screaming.

Don’t worry, you are the rule, not the exception, and I am here to make the experience a positive one for you are your future husband.

You wouldn’t believe the difference between my interactions with the groom during engagements contrasted to the wedding day. I am always able to make them comfortable with me and my camera during that first shoot so they are primed and ready to pose for me on your wedding day.

Now, your only job is to get him to the engagement photoshoot looking his best, and I will do the rest. Once we have scheduled your engagement photoshoot. Here are a few things you can do to get him prepared for the day.

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Pick Outfits Together

Don’t make the mistake of trying to pick out his outfit without giving him any say. You want to make sure he likes what he is wearing for the shoot. Be sure it is a color he loves and an outfit he is comfortable in.

Decide together what level of dressiness or casualness you want for the shoot. I promise if you make him wear a suit and tie that he is not comfortable in, it will show in the pictures. So let him be part of the outfit decision-making process so he wears something he likes.

Plan a Reward

Yes, like you would a toddler! A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Plan a fun activity to do after the photoshoot whether it is going to see a movie he has been wanting to see, taking him golfing, or going to his favorite restaurant.

Give him something to look forward to after the shoot so it all feels worthwhile for him.

Keep it Simple

Don’t try and do too many poses, outfits, or locations as this can overwhelm him. When it comes to posing, the line between romantic and cheesy is very thin for men and you can cross over it very easily, which I don’t want to do.

I will keep the poses simple and classic to keep him comfortable. Multiple outfits or locations changes can leave your man feeling overwhelmed as well, so stick to one or two outfits for the shoot. Again, I want to keep it easy and simple.

Have Fun

The most important advice is to HAVE FUN! This is soooo important and will make or break your shoot. Keep the yelling and complaining at home, and show up ready to complement one another, laugh, kiss, and just be in love.

Your joy and love will show through the camera and make for the best photos we could want!

So even if you have to bring your husband-to-be kicking and screaming, I promise by the time I’m done with him, he will leave with a smile on his face and a spring in his step. We got this, girl!

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