February 16, 2022


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How to Prep Your Dogs for Photoshoot

I have 5 tips to prepare your Dogs Photoshoot in Tampa and Clearwater area.

One of the most surprising things for me as a photographer has been how much I love photographing dogs during engagement session or family session. When a client says they want to bring the pup (or lovingly their “furbaby”)

I get so excited. Dogs just elevate a photoshoot and bring so much joy to a session. 

So if you are wanting to bring your dogs along to a photo shoot, you have my full support, especially if you do these 5 things to prepare your dogs for our shoot so we all have a smooth experience. 

1. Bring Treats!
This is a MUST! Do NOT forget the treats because they always work! When we need your pup to sit for a pose, look at the camera, or let you hold them for a quick snap, treats always do the trick.

Practice at home is one of the most helpful and let them use to it before the session.

2. Find a Dog-Friendly Location
This is essential. First of all, we have to shoot at a location where dogs are allowed. Plus, we want to find a location your dog will feel comfortable and happy in, so they are more willing to photograph with you.

I’ve got some great locations to shoot with dogs, so let me know if you are wanting your pup in the photos and I’ll help you pick the perfect spot. 

3. Bring a Nice Leash
You get to look your best for your photo shoot, so why shouldn’t your pup!?! Think of its leash as a fashion accessory that should be incorporated into your color scheme for the shoot.

Option for a beautiful, timeless dog leash over the neon orange one adorned with dog bones on it. It will elevate your photos and make your dog look all the more adorable. 

4. Bring a Friend
While your dog is going to be adorable in the shots, you probably won’t want to take every single photo with your pup in it. Bring a friend who can take care of the dog while you are taking some pictures without it.

This friend can also take the dog to the bathroom and have some playtime with it to get energy out. When they are ready for more photographs when you want to bring it back in. 

5. Be Flexible
Dogs are like children, you really don’t know what to expect from them. Come into the shoot prepared to go with the flow and let the dog lead the shots. Whether that means your dog wants to lick you face the whole shoot or it just wants to run around while you chase it.

I promise you I will capture the perfect shots of you and your pup that will give you the happiest memories. 

Thank you so much for reading my blog post. 

I hope these 5 tips will help you be prepared to have an amazing Dogs Photoshoot. And with that, I can’t wait to book a session with you and meet your cute furbaby! Can’t wait to see you!

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