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8 Bridesmaid Dress Ideas | Wedding Tips

You said yes to your dream dress, now it is your bridesmaids’ turn! Of course, you and your dress will be the center of attention – it is your day after all – but nobody wants the stereotypical frumpy bridesmaids dresses and I’ll tell you why.

First, these are your favorite girls! Your bridesmaids are the women in your life that you chose to be by your side supporting you on one of the biggest days of your life. You want your best friends to look and feel beautiful standing by your side. Second, gorgeous bridesmaid dresses are the perfect complement to your theme and vibe. These will be front and center with you, and in so many of your wedding pictures, it is worth the extra time and expense to make sure you find dresses that you love. 

For so long, it was the standard to have bridesmaid dresses that were all the exact same dress in the exact same color. Don’t get me wrong, it is important to think about your theme and colors when you go to pick out your dresses, but the trends have changed the way brides are doing this. Nowadays you don’t need to choose one dress for all of your girls. You don’t even need to choose one color! If you are looking to give your bridesmaids a fun and modern look, then you have come to the right place. I’ve gathered my favorite of Bridesmaid Dress Ideas and trends that pop! 


Patterns are such a fun way to set your bridesmaid dresses apart and show off everyone’s unique styles. If you are patient and flexible with your colors, you will be able to find patterns that fit both the energy and color scheme of your wedding day. Think about cute florals in the spring and leafy island patterns for your beach wedding! You could even find patterned ties to coordinate the groomsmen and bridesmaids’ outfits.


Let’s talk about jumpsuits. This bridesmaid dress idea is something very different and unique. Your girls will definitely stand out compared to traditional bridesmaid dresses! Jumpsuits are not only trendy, but comfortable! Find the right style and your bridesmaids will be thanking you.

Two-Piece Sets

I love the idea of two-piece sets on bridesmaids. This is such a cute and sophisticated option! Two-pieces are also super flattering on several different body types. Everyone will feel confident and look amazing in these bridesmaid outfits.

Mixed Monochromes

As I mentioned before, gone are the days where everyone has to wear the exact same color. However, it can be really hard to find different colors that look good next to each other! One of Bridesmaid Dress Idea is to choose a color and find everyone dresses in different shades of that color. Or, alternatively, you could choose a shade (dark, light, pastel) and have everyone find dresses in the same shade of different colors. 


Another fun idea that I’ve seen is to find bridesmaid dresses in similar colors, but with varying textures. Think lace, silk, glitter, etc. The options are endless! 

All White

The all-white trend is very new and very chic. People are throwing aside the old rule that the bride is the only one allowed to wear white, and putting their entire bridal party in it! This is such a cute style if you find them white dresses that are minimal and modern so that they’re not competing with the actual wedding dress. 

All Black

All-black is along the same lines as all-white, but you guessed it… Everyone is in black. Think about how much your light-colored dress will pop surrounded by your bridesmaids in gorgeous, simple black dresses. 

Guys and Gals

Finally, let’s toss aside the rule that your bridesmaids have to be all female! If you have guy friends that you want by your side on your wedding day, they should be included in your bridal party, too. Find a way to coordinate dresses and suits so that your “bridesmaids” are truly made up of your closest support system. 

I hope that these Bridesmaid Dress Ideas give you and your bridesmaids some inspiration for the big day!

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