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Wedding Gift Ideas For Your Guests | Wedding Tips

Wedding gift ideas for your wedding guests don’t need to be anything big. They are simply a token of how grateful you are to have your guests there with you on your special day. Here is a list of my favorite wedding favor ideas that will fit in even the smallest clutch. 

One of my favorite things about photographing Tampa weddings is seeing the amount of time and effort that loved ones put into the bride and groom. Think about it. You invite your guests, who then have to clear their schedule, travel to wherever you are celebrating, usually bring a gift, and dedicate an entire day to celebrating you.

Being a wedding guest is a true act of love! And of course, your guests are happy to be there and you are absolutely worth the effort, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show them how much you appreciate them. That’s right, I’m talking about wedding favors. 


Little soaps are such a fun idea because they are so customizable! You can have different options for guests, maybe even a bride’s scent and a groom’s scent? So many fun possibilities. 


Did you know that scent is directly connected to the memory areas of our brain? Scientists say that this is the reason that a certain smell can quickly trigger a memory. Photos aren’t the only way to remember your wedding day! Make your candles smell like your flower bouquet or create a unique scent to remind you and your guests of the town that you got married in, especially if you have a destination wedding. 

Bath Bomb

Candles aren’t the only way to hand out scents to your guests. Bath bombs are a fun and useful way to achieve the same goal! After a long night of partying, I’m sure a relaxing bath would be very much appreciated. 


Chocolate is a sweet gift from a sweet couple! And who doesn’t love chocolate? Make up a unique label or offer different chocolate flavors such as his and hers again. Maybe raspberry chocolate for the bride and chipotle chocolate for the groom? Whatever fits your personality best!


Fans are the perfect wedding favor for summer weddings! Tampa weddings get HOT, and it would be so helpful for guests to have a pretty way to keep cool as they’re celebrating. 

Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt is all the rage right now. Why? Because not only is it the prettiest shade of pink, but it offers so many health benefits! A little packet of this with a clever label would be a tasty gift for your guests. 


After a long day and a night full of dancing, a to-go snack box would be a much-appreciated gift for the drive home, especially if your venue is a little out of the way. 

Custom Mugs

Okay, this one might not fit in a clutch, but it is such a cute idea! You can have a sweet thank you logo designed to put on the mugs so that every time your guests use it they will think of you and your big day. 

A Local Treat

If you have a destination wedding, I think it is a fun idea to find a gift that is local to the town. A lot of places make their own syrups or jams. Spend a day scoping out the local small businesses to find a gift that you love!

Whatever you decide to give out, make sure that it is truly a gift from you two. Customize your favors and have fun with them! You want your guests to feel loved and remember what an amazing day they had with you. 

Bonus tip: Look into booking a photo booth! They are a fun way to let guests create their own little favors. Not only can these work for wedding favors, but they are an awesome option for your guest book as well!

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I hope these Wedding gift ideas are super helpful for you, while you are being busy planning and thinking a lot of thing for your wedding day. My another tip is don’t forget to stick with your budget!

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