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What to Know about Wedding Invitations | Wedding Tips

So, you’ve booked the wedding venue, found a photographer, met with a wedding planner, and set your budget. Now it’s time to think about inviting the guests! Your wedding invitations are an essential part of wedding planning. Not only are they the first glimpse that your loved ones get of your special day, but they provide your guests with crucial information. Without wedding invites being distributed at the right time, nobody would know the time, date, or location of your wedding. 

Wedding Invitations may seem like a simple thing to cross off of your checklist, but they can become overwhelming in a hurry. You may be asking yourself, where do I even start? Well, I’ve got your back. Today’s blog will tell you everything you need to know about wedding invitations. 

Save the date Wedding Invitations

When should we get the photos done?

When you’re booking your wedding photographer, it is a good idea to reach out to them about engagement photos as well. With my wedding clients, I highly recommend booking your engagement session 6-9 months before your wedding day. This gives plenty of time for edits and invitation design once you get your photos back. 

When do we need to send the invites out?

You should send your wedding invitations out 6-8 weeks before the wedding date (3 months for destination weddings). This gives guests the time that they need to clear their schedules and make any travel arrangements that they need to make, while still keeping it fresh in their minds. Remember that wedding invitation are different from save the dates. You can send out a save the date up to a year in advance to give your loved ones a chance to put your wedding on their calendars early. 

Simple of Wedding Invitations

When should the RSVP deadline be?

Make your RSVP deadline 2-3 weeks before your wedding date. This will give you enough time to get a final count for your vendors and finalize your seating chart. Make sure to keep a list of invites and responses so that when you’re nearing the deadline you can go through and send a quick text or call to those who haven’t responded!

Where does our wedding website info go?

Your wedding website should be shared on your save-the-date cards rather than the actual wedding invitations. Your wedding website shares details that will already be on your invitation, so it is a little redundant to share them there. 

Details of Wedding Invitations

Where should we share our registry?

While you can include your registry info on your wedding invitation or save the date, it is actually considered impolite. The best place to share that info is on your wedding website. You can even set up your website with built-in options for guests to gift cash or gift cards. 

Can we make it clear that our wedding is adult-only?

One simple way to share your adult-only policy is to address the invitations by individual names rather than by family names. This should make it clear that the invite is meant only for those mentioned. Another tip here is to share your policy on your website. 

Wedding style flatley Wedding Invitations

How should we share the dress code?

The easiest way to share the dress code of your wedding with guests is to include the dress code and theme on your Wedding Invitations. For example, you could say black tie, cocktail attire, or casual attire. You should also make sure that your invitation colors match your wedding theme so that guests have an idea of what your wedding will be like. 

Whose return address should be on the invites?

You don’t need to put your own address as the return address on the invitations. Choose someone who is in charge of wedding planning and that you trust to keep track of RSVPs, such as a wedding planner or family member that has agreed to help. 

I hope that these wedding Invitations tips can help you get started on your wedding invitations. Be sure to brainstorm with your partner and family! It is easiest to create your invitation with the help of a design professional, they will be able to answer any additional questions and create the style that you are looking for! If you’re looking a Wedding Photographer let’s Chat!


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