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Do you tip your wedding photographer? | Wedding Tips

If you’re reading this, it means that you are a decent human being who wants to make sure you do right by your photographer. There are so many rules and opinions about who to tip and who not to tip when it comes to wedding vendors.

As a wedding photographer I feel qualified to give my opinion on this matter, and I do not feel like you need to tip your photographer. Photographers are small business owners, which means that we have the luxury of setting our prices where we need to to make a living.

Of course, you can always tip your photographer. If you feel they did an exceptional job or went above and beyond for you and your big day. However, there are a lot of ways to thank them that aren’t monetary, and sometimes these gestures can mean even more! 

Here is a list of thoughtful alternative ways to tip your wedding photographer:

  1. Leave them a glowing review wherever you can! Show your support on their website, google, social media, etc. Make sure to tag and credit them on social media, as well. This puts a huge smile on our faces! If you have time, a video testimonial is a great way to share you experience with your photographer in an authentic way. 
  2. Refer, refer, refer! Referring your wedding photographer to engaged friends and family is one of the best ways to show your appreciation. We definitely want to see nice couples like you again, and word of mouth helps our small businesses to grow! 
  3. Invest in albums or wall art with them. This proves to your photographer that you really love their work. Wedding albums are passed down from generation to generation. If you love your wedding photos, they are absolutely worth the investment. And as for prints, we love to see our work on your walls! 
  4. Send a thoughtful thank you card. It means so much to me when I get a hand-written genuine thank you note. Seriously, it brings me to tears! Most importantly, I’ve worked so hard on a wedding. It is so gratifying to hear that my efforts were appreciated. 
  5. A small, inexpensive gift. Whatever it is one of your reception favors, or something special that you pick out just for your photographer, a little thank you gift can be such a nice gesture. With all the time you spend together, you sometimes get to know them and the things they like. This is a perfect place to start when looking for gift ideas! 
  6. Keep using them. Your professional relationship doesn’t have to end with the wedding day! Calling your photographer up for anniversary sessions, Christmas cards, future family sessions, etc. is an active way to show them that you appreciate how good of a job they’ve done and continue to do. 
Tip Wedding Photographer

In conclusion, It is completely your call whether you decide to tip your wedding photographer or not. I am here to tell you that it is not required or even expected. Sometimes the little, inexpensive gestures of thanks can mean just as much to us photographers, if not more!

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