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Wedding Day Checklist for the Bride | Wedding Tips

You’ve made it! Your dream is almost reality! You have awesome vendors who you trust to do a great job, and you should. But, how can you be as prepared as possible? I’ve got your back with my Wedding Day Checklist full of tips and tricks!

  • Check your venue for windows. Big windows and lighting are everything for a natural light photographer! The worst case scenario would be to realize there were no windows for photos.
  • Do not go last for hair and makeup. You can always touch up later, but you can’t add more time to your timeline if hair and makeup is running long and you are the last in line! I would suggest having the bride get ready first so that she is guaranteed to be ready on time. 
  • Make sure that you eat and drink water. We’ll go to the restroom before putting on the dress, so don’t worry about that. You don’t want to feel cranky and sick on your wedding day! Lots of brides wake up early because they’re too anxious/excited to sleep, so take 30 extra minutes to relax and eat some breakfast.
  • Organize your room the night before. Having everything laid out in an organized fashion makes the next morning so much easier on you and everyone else. Have one of your bridesmaids help you so that she can help vendors find what they’re looking for without having to bother you. Also, if you have details that you want your photographer to capture, put them in a bag so that you don’t have to run around the room to find them when it’s time to take pictures.
  • If you are doing getting-ready pictures, clean up an area for the photographer near the window. This lets the photographer get to work faster! 
  • Before the day of, make sure and try on your full wedding day look and know your wedding dress. When you shopped the wedding dress with your mom or maid of honor, it is easy to forget in the moment and pay attention to the details. Try on your dress so you know what kind of bra you need to buy, do your shoes work with your dress train, check all of the details so there are no surprises on the day of! 
  • Buy a new perfume just for your wedding day. That way, every time you go back and smell that perfume you will be flooded with memories of your special day. This could be a fun gift exchange idea with your groom!
  • Do a first look with your dad or grandparents! They have loved you since you were tiny. They have been waiting for this day, too, and it’s such a special moment to share with them.
  • Do a first look with your bridesmaids. Sure, you guys have been talking, finalizing details, etc., but to see your look put together on the morning of your wedding is something else. Cue the tears!
  • Remember to be yourself. I know that there is endless inspiration out there these days, but don’t forget to make this day yours. When you look back at this day you want to remember celebrating you and your fiancé, not some party that was built to match someone else’s style. 
  • Personalize some items such as hangers, ring boxes, champagne bottles to pop with your bridesmaids, glasses and balloons.
  • Practice your wedding vows. Out loud.
  • Have your wedding rings professionally cleaned. 
  • Take the time to pack for your wedding night and honeymoon before the big day. You won’t want to worry about it while you’re celebrating!
Wedding Day Checklist for the Bride

Bonus tip: Take a day for yourself. You deserve it! I hope this Wedding day Checklist would help you prepare yourself before your big day ever! Contract me if you need help for planning your wedding day!


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