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Branding photography at Hyde House Tampa

I recently had the pleasure of photographing these two real estate go-getters! Alex and Autumn are hard-working Moms and real estate agents in Tampa. Autumn called me and said that she wanted a branding session to update her headshots and also to welcome Alex. Alex is the newest member of her team and the Smith and Associates real estate family. 

These two lovely ladies met at a local Mom’s group in Tampa and hit it off right away. Eventually deciding to work together. They support each other as mothers and as working women, knowing the challenges of juggling both. 

Autumn has worked in real estate since 2011, and has been with Smith and Associates for the last six years. She’s also the proud Mom of a 3-year-old daughter and a 9-month-old baby boy. 

Alex took time to enjoy being a full-time Mom to her three sweet babies; a 5 year old boy, a 3 year old daughter, and a 1 year old baby boy.  She recently decided to re-enter the real estate industry, and explained that she likes to show her kids that she wants to work hard for them. 

We decided to have the branding photography at Hyde House Tampa, which is a beautiful, exclusive work space. The high-end vibe of this location is perfect for the ideal client of their real estate brand. They described as professional and sophisticated. When you think about branding photography think about your brands’ look and feel for representation of your ideal client.

Hyde House is a curated, gallery-style workspace offering a dynamic mix of co-working, private offices, and event spaces. Located in the heart of the village in the newly constructed H Building. Hyde House will reflect the unique amenities and atmosphere found in and around Tampa Bay.” 

We had so much fun together, and I’m very happy with how their photos turned out. I think their images reflect two hard working, smart, beautiful power women. They are focused on their goals, and know they can have it all! 

Thank you, Autumn and Alex, for choosing me to be part of your branding team! 

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