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How to Plan an Elopement Wedding | Here are DO’S and DON’TS | Florida Elopement Photography

DO’S and DON’TS for plan an Elopement Wedding

Plan an Elopement Wedding have become a much more popular wedding option since the pandemic started two years ago. With people unable to throw the huge wedding of their dreams, I have seen a huge influx of couples opting for elopements. I think the biggest reason is that it is hard for couples to pick and choose who can come to their scaled-back wedding when there are so many loved ones you want to be at the wedding. So rather than worrying about hurting feelings, couples are choosing to make the day just about the two of them, and I am here for that choice.

Elopements are some of the most romantic weddings because they are intimate. There isn’t a focus on who will be there or who will do what and where and when. It is simply about the couple and the commitment they want to forever make to one another.

Now while elopements seem to have a reputation for being on the fly and spontaneous, they still deserve thought and planning on how to make the ceremony special for you, plus how to handle the emotional side for those who may be sad you chose to elope.

Here are some of my DO’S and DON’T for planning an Elopement Wedding to make sure it is the best day of your life, as it should be.

DO It For Yourselves

When and how and where and who you marry should be your choice and yours alone. That means if you choose to elope because that is what YOU want, then that is what you should do without hesitating. This day and this moment are about you and the person you love, so you do what feels right for the two of you.

DON’T Feel Bad About It

Elopements have been known to make people feel excluded or left out, but that is not what they are meant to do. They are meant to give you an opportunity to express your love for the person you want to be with forever in a way that feels intimate and special to you. Some people just aren’t meant to have a huge wedding with hundreds of people there and if that person is you, you shouldn’t feel bad about that.

DO Make a Plan

Eloping doesn’t mean there should be no planning involved. You should still take time to plan the logistics of your elopement so it is perfect for you. Pick a location, plan out what you will wear, and BOOK A PHOTOGRAPHER. Pics or it didn’t happen, right? I promise you that planning your elopement is still romantic and fun and wild, but planning just ensures it is romantic, fun, and wild in the exact way you want it to be.

DON’T Exclude Your Family

Just because your family won’t be at the ceremony, doesn’t mean they can’t be part of your special day in some way. Whether you plan to tell your family you are eloping before or after it happens, find a way to help them feel like they still get to celebrate your marriage with you. Plan to have dinner with them when you get back and share photos of the special day with them. Do something to give them a chance to celebrate with you, even if it doesn’t happen on your actual wedding day.

How to Plan an Elopement Wedding

An Elopement Wedding are all the things–beautiful, exciting, spontaneous, wild, intimate, fun. Follow this list of DO’S and DON’TS to ensure it is all these things and so much more on your special day. If you are thinking about planning your own an Elopement Wedding, I would love to hear and help! Contract us for more info!


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