February 15, 2023


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Romantic restaurant in Tampa for valentines Dinner Night 

Oh, February—the month that people either love or dread. Whether you are in a relationship and stressing about making Valentine’s Day a special one or newly single and dreading all of the mushy love that you are going to be exposed to, I can understand why there are so many people who struggle with this time of year. For me, however, Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. 

February 14 is not just for couples. It is about sharing love and spreading kindness to everyone around you! This blog post is about romantic restaurants for Valentine’s Day dinners, but these recommendations apply to all kinds of dates. Daddy-daughter dates, galentines—anyone looking to treat themselves this Valentine’s Day can benefit from this list, so let’s get to it. 

Tampa, Florida, has been growing so fast! There are so many new areas to explore, and they are full of new businesses and restaurants. As a self-proclaimed foodie,  I feel it is my responsibility to share with you all of the new food places that I have found this past year! 

Members-Only Craft Cocktails

My first recommendation is actually not a restaurant at all, but a really cool experience. MO Craft Cocktails will send one of its experienced bartenders to your party to teach you how to make their delicious cocktails, and they will even invent a special cocktail just for your group! I think that this would be so much fun if you are hosting friends for a Galentine’s Party or any kind of get-together with friends. It is like hiring a personal chef, but more unique and such a fun experience. You can choose from several different packages that Members Only offers, including a presentation about the history of their drinks, a virtual cocktail party, and a hands-on learning experience. You don’t even need to go out in Tampa to have a fun and unique Valentine’s party. 

Ponte Tampa

Ponte Tampa is a new restaurant that just opened in the West Tampa area. They have only been open since last December, and they have been wildly popular. This is a luxury restaurant with a beautifully romantic vibe. The chef is famous in NYC and serves modern American cuisine with a French and Italian twist. The food and service are simply incredible, and I highly recommend ordering the specialty bread that comes with black truffle butter and honey. Even if you are on a diet, this bread is worth it. Trust me! 

The Tampa Edition

Our favorite spot in town is this gorgeous and trendy hotel near the hockey stadium. There are so many areas to photograph, which is what initially drew me to this location. Every now and then, however, I am lucky enough to head to The Tampa Edition to dine! They have a rooftop restaurant and bar, and another restaurant downstairs. The food is absolutely delicious, and the views are amazing. You can see all of Tampa! If you are visiting Florida on a Valentine’s Day vacation, this is definitely your spot. If I were going to plan a Valentine’s Day wedding, this is the venue that I would call first. Make sure that you order the truffle pizza while you are there; it is to die for. 

Coming Soon to Tampa

Predalina Waterstreet

This is a model luxury restaurant that I have been keeping my eye on! It is opening soon and will have seafood and Mediterranean cuisine. 

Boulon Brasserie

This place will be worth the wait. Their tagline is “where good food, good wine, and better company come together to create unmistakable joie de vivre.”


If you love sushi as much as I do, you will love this Omakase restaurant that is coming to Tampa Heights! I cannot wait to try it.


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